Stellar Ventures is the corporate incubator/ venture capital arm of Stellar Solutions Inc., a leading supplier of technical engineering expertise to the satellite and space industry.

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Elf Sensing
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ELF Sensing

Stellar Solutions staff have reviewed over a hundred scientific papers describing ELF/earthquake correlations, and we feel that ELF monitoring is an under-exploited, promising technique for short-term earthquake risk assessments. We believe the solutions might reside in continuously monitoring ELF emissions, first form the ground, then from space. 

We feel so strongly about this that we started by funding, designing, and building several low-cost ELF monitoring ground stations, using a proprietary 3-axis antenna capable of detecting pico-Tesla per root hertz signals. The system uses a commercial PC and a 1-800-phone links to keep costs down. We have a also funded and organized a multi-high school science project to build an 11-station network of sensors to be installed along the San Andréa's and Hayward Faults in the Bay Area. We have one system operating 24 hrs per day for over a year, and the remaining systems, should be on line by the late fall of 2000. A large-scale, ground-based network, built to monitor the major fault zones in northern California was just funded by the State of California (CSTA Grant), and will allow us to build and deploy 40 additional units, with a monitor deployed every 20 miles, near the faults. This high school science project is demonstrating that civilians (schools) can be considered a reliable, low-cost, year valuable part of a large, data gathering research project. We used China as a model, where they have more than 10,000 civilians gathering earthquake data today. 

We now feel that it is time to consider a space-based ELF monitoring system to augment the limited ground-based system being built.  The promising results of the early Cosmos and Aureol ELF monitoring, and the availability of low cost satellites and "piggyback" launch opportunities, make it practical to fly an ELF sensor on a satellite to perform world-wide monitoring of these earthquake signals. 

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