Stellar Ventures: Corporate incubator and venture capital firm.

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Stellar Ventures is the corporate incubator/ venture capital arm of Stellar Solutions Inc., a leading supplier of technical engineering expertise to the satellite and space industry. Stellar Solutions has a elite cadre of professionals skilled in the field of program management and space operations. Stellar Solutions plays a vital and active role in virtually every major space-based project, including :

telecommunications satellites, defense related intelligence projects, NASA's planetary missions

Our key objectives are:
To generate attractive returns for our parent firm and our co-investment partners by participating in the development of promising businesses.

To provide Stellar Solutions professionals with opportunities outside the core aerospace arena in promising commercial arenas such as telecommunications and the internet.

To bring together promising opportunities and great people that, in our view, will provide the very tangible benefit of providing rewarding, fun, and meaningful work with high impact for all involved.

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