Stellar Ventures is the corporate incubator/ venture capital arm of Stellar Solutions Inc., a leading supplier of technical engineering expertise to the satellite and space industry.


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We are examing venture opportunities.
Our strongest interests lie in growing, high technology fields in which the principals of Stellar Ventures have some prior experience. The following list provides a partial view of such arenas:

Communications Infrastructure:  Stellar Solutions, our parent company, and its employees, have played a significant role in helping to build the space based portion of the modern communications backbone. We see great promise in expanding our business into new space based communications schemes (internet via satellite, etc.) and non-space based communications schemes (optical networks, etc.).

New Sensing Technologies:  We believe there is a strong need for low cost sensing technologies with high specificity to newly emerging problems. Stellar Solutions has extensive experience with space based systems performing imaging and sensing functions and would like to expand these capabilities  into non-aerospace applications. We seek to participate in meaningful efforts to detect potentially harmful substances for purposes of anti-terrorism, food safety, and others.

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